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MMGF "Homecoming" Dinner & Dance Gala

By Neville Buchanan - 23 August, 2019

MMGF Chairperson


Wow, what a good-looking crowd.  First of all, I want to thank all the dignitaries and special guest for your support in being here tonight.  I would also like to thank every single one of you for being here tonight, your support is very much appreciated.

From the members of the MMG Foundation (Marcus Mosiah Garvey Foundation) we would like to say AKWAABA (WELCOME) to everyone for taking a moment of your precious time to be a part of this event. 

The significance of this event is to keep the memories and legacy of our Honourable leader alive and show how his philosophy and opinions are still relevant today as it was over 100 years ago. 

The Garvey brand is international and as an ascendant of the Transatlantic Slave Trade he wore his brand with pride, and it is incumbent on us repatriates to ensure the Garvey brand remains relevant.  The repatriation of ascendants of the Transatlantic Slave Trade to homeland Africa is not recent.  Our ancestors when they were forcibly removed from their villages and family fought viciously and peacefully to return to their family and homeland, some after years of struggle did manage to return, some succumbed to their harsh and inhumane realities and others survived in the wilderness and are returning to tell the tale of their journey.  There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that our ancestral spirits are the guiding force behind us reversing the triangular journey to make our way home to Mother Africa.  It is not a force to be ignored.  It would be argued that the seed of repatriation was planted in the minds of Caribbean and American Diasporas from the “Back to Africa” Pan-Africanist philosophy of the Right Honourable Marcus Mosiah Garvey.  There are numerous African Caribbean, and African Americans who have repatriated to West Africa, with a preference for Ghana and now with Brexit in Europe and Trump intend building walls the exodus of diasporas from the Americas and Europe is even more prevalent.  Our President’s recent visit to the Caribbean, and in particular Jamaica, where he paid tribute to Marcus Garvey at his gravesite is a journey that was inevitable, it’s a journey that our ancestral spirits have been waiting for and the “Year of Return 2019 Ghana” has made it possible.  They were invited to “Return” and have gracefully accepted the invitation.

Marcus Garvey promised that even in death he would return in the whirlwind and today I can assure you the Whirlwind has arrived in Ghana. It arrived before the “Year of Return, during the “Year of Return” and it will continue to pick up storm beyond “Year of Return 2019.  Mr President, your message is loud and clear, and it is received wholehearted.  Let us hope that this message resonates throughout the Continent of Africa. Our people of the Diaspora are seeking the warmth of our mother’s embrace.  Our guiding forces does not lie, Africa is ready to embrace its estranged family. Mamma Africa HUG your children of your Historically Unique Groups, and children of the Historically Unique Group, HUG your mamma.  Let the LOVE flow because without LOVE hug has no feelings, passion or relevance. 

Let us remember Garvey was both a unifier and organizer of the people, our people, these qualities are inextricably linked.  Garvey taught us that “We desire harmony and unity today more than ever, because only through bringing together the people into a mighty bond that we can successfully pilot our way through the avenues of opposition and the ocean of difficulties that confronts us.” Garvey was the organizer and builder of the largest movement of Africans in history, the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA), and the millions more who supported it.  As a builder of a world-wide movement, he taught us the importance of unity and power, and the earnest and ongoing organization it requires - “men who are earnest are not afraid of consequences”.

The MMG Foundation (Marcus Mosiah Garvey Foundation) is riding on the crest of the “Whirlwind” to propel the building of the Marcus Garvey Memorial Centre here in Ghana.  Like Garvey we start with very little, but we have faith, hope and self-belief that it can happen, it should happen, and it will happen.  “Let us not try to be the best or worst of others but let us make the effort to be the best of ourselves.”  Our goals can only be achieved under the precept of unity, organised principles, self-determination, self-help and self-reliance, as Garvey purports are the essential components for success. 

Our journey ahead is daunting but that has always been the recipe of Black lives, it was never easy, it is not easy, but we strive to making it much easier.   


As we move forward let us give praise and honour to the Most High, to Garvey and our ancestors for the legacy, they left for us to follow.  My sisters and brothers we welcome you, my mothers and fathers we welcome you, my grand, great-grand and great great grand families we welcome you.  Mr Marcus Mosiah Garvey on your earthday I salute you Sir and say Akwaaba.  Our ancestors strong and determined spirits continues to be our guide.  Blessings to all




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